Life Is All About Balance


Tabitha Njeri was born in 1989, at Mpeketoni Lamu, fifth born daughter out of nine children; five boys and four girls. She was born just like any other person, that is with no deformity. However, in the year 2014 in April as she was on her way to the bus station, going back to college in Thika, she was involved in a gruesome traffic accident. It involved a lorry and the motorbike she was on. She was the only survivor on the bike, sadly the motorist died on impact. However, her left leg was completely crushed and had to be amputated on arrival in hospital.

She was admitted in the hospital for a month. “I was in deep sorrow and much worry since I was young lady and I could not imagine how I could survive on leg… at first I was in rejection and felt that the world had come to an end. My mum stood by me the whole time, through prayers. I also prayed hard for comfort, because only God can give it fully,” she says. By God’s grace she accepted herself fully and came to believe that God had a reason for her survival. However, her journey to recovery was not easy. “Sometimes I’d wake up and start walking unconsciously feeling that I have two legs only to find myself fall to the ground”

One month after she was discharged from hospital, she went back home to Mpeketoni. A huge challenge arose since all she could do was to wonder how people in the society would think of her. “Some people came out sympathetic and others were negatively happy about my disability. But since I believe I was a beautiful and God-fearing lady, He was faithful in that when arrived home, I found my neighbors at our home, who received me with open arms. I had to be strong for them as I encouraged them to give thanks to God that was alive; instead of them crying…”

Challenges’ followed her, even before she completely healed. Two weeks after being discharged from hospital, alshaab militants attacked Mpeketoni, and her brother was killed. These events were unbelievably bad that people were sleeping in the bush and it was hard to for her to get from point a to b as she had not completely mastered how to use crutches.

As she recovered, she thought of going back to college to wind up with diploma course in human resource. “The good lord made me to go back, but coming up with the school fees was very hard since I was the only one who was learned in our family. Through my mother’s relentless struggle, I got help from the County and CDF bursary, and a large percentage of the bursary support came from the National Council for Persons with disability.” After going back to school, she performed smartly as she thought of how life will after completion, she wanted a nice and stable lifestyle for her and the family. She attributed some of her success to her friends in school who helped her all through the daily hustles of campus life and even with common household chores.

“I graduated in November 2015 and later volunteered at Kenya Red Cross Mpeketoni branch for three months. Luckily, I got a job in April 2016 in our county (Lamu) and I was grateful to God for that. However, my worry was in who will ever marry me with my leg one and truly accept me the way I am? Time was running out on me, most of my age mates had own families. But I never compared my life with theirs since I knew that it was very difficult for men to accept me since they saw me a burden to their normal way of life since I couldn’t give them the traditional services like house choruses like other normal women. I turned to God for help.”

“A year later I meet a guy called Solomon and we end up becoming very good friends for almost one year. One thing led to another and on day he, surprisingly, proposed. I could not believe it and neither did my mother. It completely donned to my family that I had found love after the marriage process started. I love God coz he gave a great man with a godly heart.

We did a great church wedding on the 29TH of April 2017. I thank God for the second chance of living a very sweet and fulfilling life with great a husband. All the good things happened through prayer and been a God-fearing person.”

Food For Thought: God Is Always Faithful, He Always Fulfills His Promises. He is also Merciful, He Can Do Great Things In Your Life, He Will Motivate and Transform You, God Is Powerful, God Helps, God Gives Us Strength.