Doctors and science be damned, Maurene knew what she wants and nothing would stop her from getting what she longed for. Even when they tried to make her out to be irrational, she kept believing and fighting for what she knows will one day be hers.

Here is her story.

Maurene Awino (Pictured)

My name is Maurene Awino Owino, 29 yrs with a physical disability of my right hip joint caused by sickle cell anaemia.

I always wanted to be a mum but because of this condition the doctors would not let me. They asked me to consider getting a surrogate I was torn; the complications, risks were higher, I couldnt handle the words the doctor told me they broke my heart I stopped going for my Haematological clinics and visisting the hospital all together, but still was on my regular medication. So I surrendered to God and with the Help of my Loving, understanding partner he told me to channel my thinking something else.

Apart from working 8 hrs, I decided to start exercises. At the office I was working in the evening 4pm to 1am so I started waking up a little early and exercise, eat good food and be ready by 3pm for my shift. Eventually, I got used to this routine which also helped me balance my hormones so I started have regular cycles. On one of my leave days, I decided to visit my late grandmother, Leonida Awuor who was also my prayer warrior since I was a child she is the one who noticed my body had changed. She looked inside my palm and told me that I was expectant and that I will have a baby girl soon. So when I came back to Nairobi I decided to do pregnancy test and yes, I was expectant; this was just 2 weeks old.

Maurene Awino (Pictured)

I was so happy. This was a beginning of a new journey. I was now a vessel carrying a gift from God I had to take good care of myself and my unborn baby.

Never ever look down on yourself no matter how you look like. believe in the Most High God.. And believe you are great Be confident… N be happy


  1. Woe! This is a story of hope. With God all things are possible.Glad that “Dani” Leonida was a beacon of hope to you.More blessings to you girl.


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