Haki Yangu: My Rights


Hi, people! I am so excited to share this platform with you. The aim of this segment is to share with you legal knowledge so that you can boldly stand up for yourself. It is said that knowledge is power. I hope to build, restore, and reinforce that power to every person living with a disability. You have heard or said the phrase ‘haki yangu’ meaning ‘my rights’. Let’s talk about ‘haki yangu.’ When you say it is my right, what does that mean in the legal sense?

Human Rights are rights possessed by people simply because they are human beings. As long as you are a human being, you are entitled to human rights. A human right is ‘natural’ in that everyone owns them, not because they are subject to any particular Government, social status, race, gender, tribe, age, sex, disability, political, religion or any other classification. Ther are numerous human rights: right to life, right to health, right to privacy among others, we shall discuss specific rights as we go on. Therefore, it goes without saying, persons with disabilities are also entitled to human rights. Both persons without disabilities and persons living disabilities are entitled to human rights. Every right gives the specific Government the obligation to protect, promote and fulfill.

There is a popular phrase that says, ‘what you don’t know cannot kill you.’’ I have always thought that applies to secrets when you don’t know your rights that can slowly “kill” you. I am alive to the fact that, there is little or no education on human rights with a focus on persons with disabilities. It is my hope, that I will be able to shed light on different aspects of law as we progress. Take for instance, when you use public transport to a familiar environment, you know the amount of fare that is charged and you expect a certain change. The minute the conductor gives you lesser change, you will question. The same thing applies to Rights; you have to know what your rights are for you to be able to question injustice. You cannot claim what you don’t know.

To start with, how about everyone getting well versed with our Kenyan constitution. I challenge you to get a copy of the Constitution of Kenya,2010 or download it, and get to know your rights! Don’t wait for 2017 to download the Constitution. #DontWAit

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