Ever wondered if Mother’s are angels in disguise? The sheer strength to go through anything and come out stronger than they began? This next story is that of a Mother that can only be described as an angel amongst mortals.

My name is Monica but I call myself hope because of the situation around my daughter’s condition.

Monica and her amazingly beautiful baby girl we

Lorna Nenkai is the youngest in a family of four.She is 3 years and 9 months old and was born through a normal delivery. She lives with a neurological disorder known as cerebral palsy which as at now, has no cure.

Baby Lorna


Lorna didn’t cry when she was born, and I remember at some point she had to be brought back to life by an ICU doctor who came to resuscitate her since her heartbeat was faint. When she recovered, she was put on oxygen and rushed to intensive care unit where she was put on total life support machine for 24hrs. On the fifth day, I was discharged from hospital since I was not sick that was the lowest day for me since I had hard time explaining the situation to her siblings. Although they were sad, they prayed for her every single day.I made the hospital my home for the next 21 days. I used to wake up very early so I can go and express breast milk for her.She was moved from ICU to the nursery unit on the eight day. She stayed there for 13 days. Lorna never latched,she lacked the suckling reflex making her feed through a tube.Before she was discharged, I had learnt to feed her milk using a spoon. When she got discharged the doctor told us that we should know that we now have a special child to take care of. They didn’t tell us what her condition was but said her development milestones might delay. For me, I thank God that she survived. The journey to learn about her begun and I thank God for the people who helped us understand her condition and connecting with many such families and icons living with cerebral palsy.

Lorna started crying after one and half months.She had convulsions from the first month until August last year when the convulsions stopped although she is still on anti-convulsants.

During this Covid19 pandemic,it is a challenge for her since she can’t get professional therapy which is medicine to her and the neurologist have also suspended clinics because of the situation at hand.

Monica at a party

I wish to encourage other parents and caregivers of such children that lets love these kids and raise awareness so that we eradicate the stigma, discrimination and myths sorrounding the condition.
Cerebral palsy is not a disease, it is a condition. Cerebral palsy is not contagious so let’s touch and embrace



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