Love is NOT Blind


Love is beautiful and at times we find it in the oddest of places. True love knows no boundaries; or color-actually it is color-blind, diversity and what not. Here is a story of triumphs, challenges, and finally finding love. We feature Geoffrey Wachira has he takes us through his journey of ups and downs, heartbreaks, and the bliss of finding his true love.   

I was born in the beautiful Kenyan highlands of Kirinyaga in the now Kirinyaga County. My parents Mr. and Mrs. Wachira took care of me like any other boy child in the community. I grew up enjoying the pleasures of tender age playing with my age mates. At age five, through the words of my nursery school teacher, I discovered that I was visually impaired. The news devastated me. I ran home and vowed never to go back to school. It took a lot of coaxing from my parents for me to go back to school. That was the genesis of a horrifying experience at school. I could not read what teachers wrote on the blackboard, and some teachers resorted to beating me and calling me names, something that was always discouraging.  Life was so hard for me that at that tender age, I ran away from school. It is at that point that my dad, through the help of the late Joe Mike Morrissey from Christoffel Blindenmission CBM, took me to Kikuyu eye hospital where I spent six months undergoing several corrective eye surgeries. I found myself as a student at St. Lucy’s School for the Blind Egoji in Meru County later I joined Thika primary school for the blind where I sat for my KCPE. I joined Thika High School for the Blind and later Kenyatta University where I did a Bachelor’s degree in French and Literature in English.

Love at first sight

I first met my dear wife Rebecca Nyadzuwa after form four when I was working in my former high school as a Braille transcriber.  I had gone to visit my music teacher; the late Samson Leli when I met her. Though we never talked much that day, we exchanged contacts.

Break up

Our relationship grew in leaps and bounds. We would visit each other once in a while and go for outings. When I left university, I had a turbulent transition with the tussle of looking for a job pushing me to the edge and leaving me disillusioned. I made one very terrible mistake; I called my girlfriend Rebecca and called off the relationship. Though I felt nothing at that point, the impact of what I had done sank me into depression three weeks later.


After settling in Nairobi, I began to feel lonely. The school schedules were so charged that I had little time to interact with the outside world. I had different relationships in between and all ended badly. I remember  people close to me would try connecting me with ladies assuming probably I was not able to approach ladies .My narrative was different; I had not found what I needed in a woman,. Part of this was as a result of my break up with Rebecca and financial constrains since I had not secured a reliable job. Additionally some of the relationships I tried at that point were founded on wrong reasons and therefore did last the test of time. I started having spasms of nostalgia whenever I remembered Rebecca’s beauty and personality. I knew she had the qualities I was looking for in a woman; more so having been raised up by a parent with a visual impairment I knew she was best placed to understand me. One day like the story of the lost son in the bible I realized I was paying dearly for breaking up with a woman of virtue and character, I decided to go back and ask for forgiveness. I decided to call her and know how she was fairing. We talked for a whole hour. I knew there was still an opportunity that she would accept me back into her life again. I had a dream that we would be back together, and this kept me going. Though she remained non committal, life had taught me that the difference between winning and losing is not quitting.

On 24th December 2014, after eight long months of persistence, I got the best Christmas gift ever; Rebecca Nyadzuwa finally agreed to marry me. Patience is bitter but its fruits are really sweet. The rest as they say is history.

On 15 August 2015 in African Inland Church Jericho, I, in a colorful ceremony exchanged marriage vows with the lovely Rebecca Nyadzuwa.

I was finally a married man.