OSIM Country Lodge: A Brook in the Heart of Narok


History is fascinating.  Maybe the subtle feeling that nothing is really new-not fashion, not experiences, not even culture. Men have strived, subconsciously, to preserve history, the experiences, and memories attached to places, things, artifacts, cultures, and traditions. More of preserving what and who we were. We cannot deny that we are our memories and the value of our experiences somehow trickles down to the memories we hold.  OSIM Country Lounge comes to you as a reminder of a deep-seated attachment to a beautiful culture; a creation and a merger of two worlds with the aim of creating a memory, an experience worthy holding unto.


You cannot miss Dr. David Ole Sankok in any crowd. Apart from his signature suits and his undying passion for advocating the rights of Persons with Disabilities; Dr. David Ole Sankok wears yet another hat-an exquisite businessman. His story weaves through humble beginnings. He talks of growing in a typical Maasai set-up in Narok County, then getting a wrong diagnosis that left him with a disability at a very tender age, to sheer determination and hard work that has elevated him and brought him good fortunes. We have a hearty chat right at the banks of Ewaso Nyiiro. There is a surge of energy as he talks about the policies, issues, and politics surrounding persons with disabilities. Apart from that, his story resonates nothing but forgiveness and positivity: the fruits of stepping out of the comfort zone and the realities of finding opportunities in times of despair and using them to change the future.

Of Survival and Integration

OSIM which stands for Organization for the Survival of Indigenous Maasai happens to be Africa’s most unique hotel. Growing up, Dr. Sankok acquired some skills that he came to put them into use-carpentry for instance. OSIM is built with locally available materials with the designs coming from the Daktari himself. From the reception and the conference built with cut out pieces of timber and nicely finished with beautiful linen speaks of nothing but creativity. OSIM is a blend of the Maasai culture and modern civilization- a gateway to a rich past without losing track of the convenience of modernity. For instance, guests are treated to the special Triple J- Jichagulie, Jichinjie, Jienjoy: this is where one gets to experience the typical Maasai set-up of slaughtering an animal and barbecuing it. The guests can choose an animal for slaughter, then with the assistant of the OSIM staff they can roast, or boil, all with the aim of giving them an experience of the Maasai culture.

The Lover’s Nest

OSIM can be a great getaway place for newly-weds-especially lovers of nature. The OSIM Lover’s Nest as it is commonly referred to is a uniquely perched house on a gigantic acacia tree, a very ideal for the honeymooners. Being a self-contained nest /room, a story goes round that once the “lovers” get in the nest, the ladder-which happens to be the only access to the room- is withdrawn and only pulled back when the members of the staff are offering food service. The nest offers a beautiful view of the meandering river Ewaso Nyiro and amazing sunsets and sunrises. Apart from that, the umbrella-shaped acacia tree and the river produce a cool breeze to the pleasure of the occupants.


OSIM has stood defiantly against the ever-changing tides of modernity, yet maintaining an appealing beckon to the world: a warm gesture welcoming the world to witness and sample the nature’s finest. And with that, OSIM Country Lodge stands out as a motif of hope and evidence of dreaming big and working hard towards that dream.



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