I Finally Found Love-Suzzane

One of the best things to happen to humanity is love finding someone to love or receive love. At times it will take forever but the moment love knocks on your door, there is no joy that can match that. Suzzane waited for 50 years to find that love and yes, love knocked on her door.

Mr&Mrs. Nyamory

I was born an ordinary child enjoying the simple pleasures of tender age. My parents like any  loving parents  gave me  what  I needed as well as what I wanted. To the level of taking me to a boarding primary school which was one of the most prestigious things, a parent would accord his child those days. Life was good and enjoyable. The future was ripe with good things and the sky would not be the limit for me.

Every morning with its beautiful rising sun carries with it blessings of different nature. It was such a beautiful morning when my normal school routine was cut short by sharp pains from all over my body. I was rushed to a hospital where I was diagnosed with pneumonia and malaria. After the doctors thought that I was better. I was shocked to find that  I  could not  move any  part of my body. An expert was called in and after a few tests, he delivered the news that would forever change the course of my life.

He said that I had contracted polio. Life was never the same again.  I spent a whole year in the hospital. Underwent several surgeries but could not walk. I went through intense physiotherapy and had to teach myself how to use crutches and calipers to walk. When the doctors thought I was now healed though to me I felt still sick and devastated to think that I would forever be dependent on people for my mobility, I was transferred from   my beautiful   boarding primary school to Portreitz School for the physically handicapped.

The identity crisis of the thorny teenage found me asking myself many questions that no one would answer. The physical appearance dilemma that comes with puberty and adolescence did not make my life any easier since I had noticed with concern that I had started adding excess weight. The coaxing;” You are the most beautiful girl in the world.” Said by dad did little to ease my worries. In my entire life I had nursed this secret dream of getting married  and raising children  of my own.  I always dreamt of having a man who would love, hold and cherish me till eternity. Though I was now physically disabled, the disability did little to blur the clarity of my dream. I thought it was just a matter of time for a tall dark and handsome man to walk into my life. I was greatly mistaken.

After my A-level exams, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as Lord and Savior. The peace and tranquility that came with Him was too great to fathom.  I now knew that I was just too near. With Jesus on my side, I knew that He would send me a man who would see beyond my physical limitations, love and cherish me to the point of leading me down the aisle.  I would soon be someone’s wife in a colorful church wedding.

The twenties came and went with no lover on sight. The thirties came and with them, relationship nightmares.  Many are the trials and afflictions of the righteous but God in His infinite mercies sees them through. Many men came to me asking me for my hand in marriage but most of them wanted to sleep with me before making a decision. I quickly brushed them off and on I moved with my head held high. Let it not be said that it was easy to move on or hear that someone you were dating had gotten married or engaged to someone else. It was the grace of our loving God that saw me through it all.

The forties came and with them was a level of fear, Uncertainties and to some level, desperation. I switched to dating  sites which  meant  I could enjoy a  level of romance till the said suitor realized that I was on a wheelchair and disappeared into  thin air.   During the concluding years of the forties, I, in fervent prayers realized that I had so many assumptions. I celebrated my fiftieth birthday with a resolution that if a man was simply being nice to me, I would not mistake it for love but rather let him express his love for me before falling in love with him. We human beings underrate our God’s sense of humor. I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, as usual,    venting the    anger and frustrations    of singlehood when a friend started talking to me about a certain cousin of his who was a widower. I hated being introduced to a man. I was always an ardent believer in letting natural  occurrence of  fate to  make our paths cross, so I laughed off and let it pass.

My friend kept on telling me about his cousin till  one day decided to tell him off. ” tell him that am a wheelchair user, quite established in the material wealth, I do not  and shall not engage in any premarital marriage,” I told my Facebook friend Peter after he had brought up this another day. Should I give him your number and ask him to call you?” Peter asked.

“After you have told him all I have told you,” I answered. To me, I thought that would keep the widower at bay but I was wrong.

I was going through the normal rhythmic hustle and bustle of life when received a call from a man who introduced himself as John Nyamory started talking and talking till we organized a physical meeting. As we during the meeting, I grew to admire Nyamory who had been a widower for 20  years after being left with three children following the demise of his lovely wife. By the end of the meeting, one thing was Nyamory wanted a serious relationship that would lead to marriage wait was slowly coming to an end.

Nyamory was more handsome than words would describe. His heart won me over even before I could ask him of his views about disability. Weeks later, during one of our routine meetings, Nyamory with his knees and asked for my hand in marriage. The joy that filled me was inexplicable as I said YES. As he slipped a ring on my finger, it felt as if I was in a beautiful dream that was slowly overtaking reality.

On the 6th of December 2014 at Dungahill camp located sprawling sandy beaches on the shores of Lake Victoria, dressed in and golden Gown.  I wedded the handsome John Nyamory. Finally I am a married woman. Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength shall mount on wings like eagles and soar. They shall walk and never tire so says the holy book. The long wait was not after all in vain.

My fellow sisters with disabilities I urge you to raise your heads high do not settle for less. Close your ears to the taunting voices of your friends who have not counted the cost and realized their self-worth. This should be your stand even if it means going back to your maker single. You will the first one. God tells us in the holy book of Jeremiah 29:11 that He has  good plans for us. Stay strong and focused on your dream for one day God will turn it to reality as He did for me.